Tips to Help You Attract Visitors to Your Exhibition Stand


Whilst a healthy budget to support a large amount of space is a sure-fire way of grabbing attention at a trade show or exhibition, even if you have a diminutive amount of space to work with, there are plenty of things that you can do to make your stand more appealing and help attract more people onto it.

Here are a few handing tips for attracting more visitors onto to your exhibition stand.

Exhibition stand tips attracting visitors

Make use of pre-show marketing.

Let your existing customers know you’ll be attending the show and where they can find you. Why not offer them reduced price tickets or run a competition to give some tickets to the show away? Let your existing customers know by sending out an email newsletter, writing a blog article and posting the news across your social media channels.

Most exhibitions will also produce show guides, so make sure you are listed as an exhibitor in both the paper and online version of the show guide too.

Use height to your advantage.

Many stand designs don’t take full advantage of the vertical space available inside an exhibition hall. Our advice? Check the maximum height allowance, and instead of the usual sign a couple of metres high, include a tall 3D sign that can be seen and read from all angles and make it tall enough that it will tower above most of the other stands and draw attention from right across the hall.

Make your stand look interesting.

It goes without saying that a stand that looks bland won’t draw attention and you can use a variety of different tricks to help your strand look more appealing.

Colour, lighting, shape and texture can all turn a bland space into something that bit more inviting. Make sure there are plenty of things to look at, and pay attention to your branding, making sure it’s good and strong.

Video is a particularly strong lure, and a glimpse of a screen embedded into a wall with looping video playing will tell people you’ve got something worth looking at, and may lure them closer to look as curiosity gets the better of them. Product demos also act as a great lure, allowing people to get hands on with a product or inviting them to take part in a game is a great way to make your stand look lively and interesting.

Entice people on to your stand with goodies.

People love freebies! You don’t have to spend a fortune, but things like pens, lanyards and bags always go down exceptionally well. As well as promotional freebies, you could run a giveaway at various times throughout the day.

If it’s a hot day you could give away nice cold bottles of water, or even entice people onto your stand with a big bowl of sweets or snacks they can grab? If the centre you’re exhibiting at doesn’t offer free WiFi to all visitors, why not provide it on your stand?

Provide somewhere for people to rest tired feet.

And now here’s the big one. Spending a day traipsing around a show is tiring, and fatigued people will welcome the chance to rest their feet for a few moments. It makes a lot of sense then to ensure you have on your stand (your staff will thank you for it too!).

Comfy couches and coffee tables are a great idea if you sell innovative or technical products/services that need a lot of explaining. Likewise, if your products/services are classed as a major purchase that people will generally need some time to consider, so somewhere comfy to sit and somewhere to place a drink definitely makes sense.

However, if you’re short on space, and don’t want to encourage people to linger for too long, why not go for high tables and bar stools? People will still be enticed onto your stand to rest for a while, giving your sales team the ideal opportunity to approach them.